martes, 16 de agosto de 2005

Laptop Theft - An Insider’s Guide To Not Becoming Another Statistic

Adjunto enlace donde se encuentran algunas recomendaciones ("de sentido común")
sobre la seguridad física de estos sensibles equipos en las organizaciones. Es
importante anotar que los portátiles no cuentan por lo general con directrices
o políticas sobre su uso y cuidados. Espero les resulte útil este artículo.

Laptop Theft - An Insider’s Guide To Not Becoming Another Statistic

Protecting against laptop and data theft would appear to be relatively easy but,
in a business sense, is rarely so. Some basic steps for employees to follow in
order to protect laptops include:

1. Never leave the laptop unattended in a public place.
2. Never leave a laptop on a desktop at lunch, while in a meeting or overnight.
3. Never put a laptop in hold baggage.
4. If in a restaurant or bar, always ensure that the bag containing the laptop
cannot be snatched. Put the shoulder strap under your chair leg.
5. If you need to visit the bathroom, take your bag with you unless you are with
a trusted colleague who you have asked to “mind” your laptop.
6. Laptop bags might look like the ideal place to keep you laptop but they stand
out a mile. Try and keep the laptop in a less obvious bag such as a briefcase.
7. When in a hotel, store the laptop in the room safe, even when just going for
breakfast, dinner or to use the gym. If the room doesn’t have a safe, take it
to the front desk and have the hotel store it for you.
8. Never leave the laptop or the bag containing the laptop on show in the car,
even if you are in the car with it. Many a bag has been snatched through a car
window while stopped in traffic.
9. If you need to leave the laptop in the car, conceal it in the boot.
10. Never leave it in the boot for long periods and never leave it overnight

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